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Hey guys! I just want everybody to know about a Big Sister/Little Sister programme that I got goin' on. We are now the Little Sister of guiding_wand. You must be 17 years of age or older to join. That's why we're the Little Sister. ::giggles:: Anway, if you need smut or "adult plots" that you cannot receive here, then please apply for guiding_wand. I, myself, play Ginny in that. So, this piece of information on to anyone interested.

Also - Please, please, PLEASE advertise for this RPG. I really would like for it to be successful. So if you would please pass this on to your friends. Whether experience RPers or inexperieced, I don't care. I just need more players... but they must at least have read the HP books ;-). If they are inexperienced and need me to teach them, I will do so. Thank you!
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